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The following steps should be completed for any new research assistant in IBIC

  1. Complete safety training to be around the DISC 3T Scanner.
  2. Get acquainted with the 3T/EEG calendar.  
    1. If you will need to have scheduling access on an existing study, contact  
    2. If you will be creating a new study, fill out a PAF
  3. Get an IBIC wiki account by contacting
  4. Get a NAS account by contacting
  5. Get a XNAT account by registering at
  6. Complete training to allow you to work with human subjects and their data:
    1. CITI Web-based training (UW-affiliation) for Biomedical & Social/Behavioral Sciences at
    2. HIPAA training (see Liza for sign-up).
  7. Learn the IBIC/DISC door codes and copy code.  Liza Young can provide these codes.
  8. Get added to mailing lists.  Liza or Macklin can add you to the ibic-core mailing list and to any project-specific or interest group mailing lists that will be relevant.
  9. Put IBIC lab meeting and any relevant interest group meetings on your calendar and attend if possible. 
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