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1)    Log into the workstation using your IBIC username and password. The desktop will cover both screens and you will be able to move a window between them.

2)    Open firefox and browse to

3)    Log into the web interface (if you don't see a login dialog, hold down ctrl and rapidly press F5 6 or 7 times, it's a flaw in the VM server software). 

4)    Log in to the web interface using your IBIC username and password. 

5)    On the left pane, click on the most current virtual machine version, like "RHEL_0.0.3"

6)    In the middle pane, click on "Console"


    The Virtual Machine, like a physical computer, can be turned on or off.  If the Virtual Machine is turned off, you will see a window like this.  Click anywhere to start the Virtual Machine.

    When the Virtual Machine has turned on, the console window will look like this. 

7)     Click in the black area.

8)    A new window will appear.  It is the console for the Virtual Machine.  When it first appears it will look like this. 

    Once the VM  window is prepared for use, it will look like a normal desktop window.  Use it just like you would use a physical workstation.

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