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  • A header that names the OS and gives the version number-- Sunrise – 0.9 and release date
  • A short “synopsis” blurb – A couple of sentences that market the features of this OS
  • A bulleted list of the available software – each line should be a hyper link to the documentation for that software tool

Sunrise will have

Intro to this IBIC Service – this will be a Voice over PPT with a survey of the features and functionality of the Sunrise OS. 

Something like I (Nolan) did in the first class that covered the functionality built into the Student VM.

Image processing Software

Installed in /usr/share/fsl/4.1; PATH to /usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin

Download freesurfer-Linux-centos4_x86_64-stable-pub-v5.0.0.tar.gz; Installed in /usr/local/freesurfer

Conversion Software ( DICOM to NIFTI)

NOTE version 190 currently installed, via apt-get install, to /usr/local/MRIConvert_190/MRIConvert

NOTE version 2 November 2010 (Debian) currently installed, via apt-get install, to /usr/bin/dcm2nii

  • dicom3tools  need documentation – don’t need “how to install” rather need “how to use / what is available”

Libraries installed to /usr/share/dicom3tools

Other Tools

  • ibic Utilities – documentation needs to be written

Training / Support

fMRI analysis – link to lectures and hands on tutorials

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