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FastX is a new "Remote Desktop" option for connecting to multiuser IBIC workstations/servers. It is a commercial, licensed product from StarNet.

NOTE: FastX runs only on large (neuron) servers, SGE-clustered servers (the IBIC-neuron cluster) or SGE-clustered workstations (the IBIC cluster).

IBIC-neuron : adiposite, adrc, chdd, neuroimaging2, panuc, parcellator, tpp, viscog

IBIC - amygdala, broca, dentate, evolution, genu, homunculus, it, nigra, ovd4-sessionmanager, ovdmanager, ovdserver, pole, pons, precuneus, sessionmanager, triangularis, ulteo 

The license server for FastX runs on flexlm2, a cloud server.  All clients of the older ground-based (chdd) license server should be updated to point to the new license server.

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