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The Integrated Brain Imaging Center (IBIC) was established with a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust (Vancouver, WA), and 2.5:1 matching funds from the University of Washington, distributed across the School of Medicine, College of Arts and Sciences, and Provost's Office. Initial funds were committed to equipment purchase (EEG. psychophysiology). image analysis and source localizafion software, and 3 support personnel. Funds were also committed for renovation. and space for the Center was identified in the Old Fisheries building of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Center was established with the intent of prompt recruitment of a Director, but plans for recruitment and renovation were suspended pending acquisition of a research-dedicated high field scanner. 


The Department of Radiology, as part of a research grant with Philips Corporation, and in the Department of Psychology, installed a research-dedicated 3T Philips Achieva MRl scanner in the Diagnosfic Imaging Sciences Center, becoming operational in October, 2006.

February 2009

Appointment of Dr. Thomas J. Grabowski as IBIC Director, and assignment of programmatic space and resources, establishing IBIC as a new interdisciplinary research resource Center.

June 2009

First IBIC retreat / Summer Progress Report, attended by 105 stakeholders.

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