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monit is an Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix processes, programs, files, directories, and filesystems.

In IBIC we use monit locally on workstations and servers to display system status, and statistics for load, CPU, Memory, and Swap space in use.

Most importantly, monit displays current Space usage for local RAID (where applicable), and NAS filesystems /mnt/home, /project_space, /projects2, SCRATCHnasA, and SCRATCHnasB.


To run monit, start a Web browser if you are logged in directly at your local workstation, or else in a web browser on an X2go or FastX remote connection to any IBIC workstation/server,

and use the address : localhost:2812

This will display a Monit Service Manager page, with the above-described system and storage information.




monitorix is an Open Source utility which collects system data periodically and displays this in graph form over a web interface. It is installed on our large servers and clustered workstations.

The Monitorix default is to display all graphs (in categories System load average and usage, Global kernel usage, Kernel usage per processor, Filesystem usage and I/o activity, Network traffic and usage, Netstat statistics, System services demand, Network port traffic, Users using the system, and Devices interrupt activity) for the localhost, for the current day.

The various graphs can be individually selected, and you can display over a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly timeframe.


You can select Multihost display on configured clustered servers: chdd; tpp, adrc, and panuc. 


From any web browser 

http://<server name>

will bring up the Monitorix home page for that server.


To view graphs from all neuron-class machines,



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