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IBIC is closely related to several other organizational units at UW:

MR Research Lab

Diagnostic Imaging Sciences Center    

  • IBIC has a peer and tightly collaborative relationship to the MR Research Lab.  
  • Support for development of new research projects is integrated across IBIC and DISC
  • IBIC and DISC share IT personnel
  • IBIC developing its own Cost Center

DISC Philips Achieva scanner

  • Many IBIC investigators use this scanner, and IBIC has dedicated pilot scanner time
  • IBIC processes data taken on other scanners as well, e.g. SLU Philips scanner
  • The DISC scanner is jointly directed by Radiology and Psychology.  Radiology has 2/3 resource interest, and Psychology has 1/3 interest.  IBIC Director sits on the Directors' Committee.
  • This scanner is administered through DISC cost center
Vision and Cognition Group, Department of Psychology
  • This is a peer lab, collaborative with IBIC
  • A parallel research “hub” 
  • Several PIs in the lab serve on 3T Directors Committee
Neuroimaging Core, Center on Human Disability and Development
  • A research resource that has a different focus (developmental disease as opposed to cognitive neuroimaging)
  • CHDD and IBIC cooperate where interests intersect, with some shared personnel
  • Separate budgets
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