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Connect to IBIC Servers outside of UW Campus, you need to use Husky OnNet VPN client.

  1. Windows Users

  2.  MacOS Users

  3.  Linux Users

    Since linux client is self-support, and may see a little different on each flavor of linux platform. Here is modified version of Debian version

Connect to Husky OnNet by browsing to: – UW Campus Network Traffic Only (recommended)  OR – All Internet Traffic (special requirements use only)
    1. When asked, enter the appropriate username and password.
    2. A pop-up window showing download, choose open with option “software install” 
    3. Then follow the onscreen instruction for installation. Once it complete, click on the link on option 2 to connect.
    4. You can minimize this window and remain connected, but closing this window or browser completely will terminate your VPN session.


After the first time you use the Husky OnNet, you don’t need to download and install anymore, but go through step 1 to step 3, just click on the link on option 2 to connect.

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