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Scientific and medical neuroimaging are thriving fields driven by technological progress and characterized by continual, even relentless, innovation.  Imaging methods continue to change rapidly on virtually every level, from the physical principles underlying data acquisition, to experimental paradigms, to analysis approaches, to software tools.  New modalities emerge, and existing ones become more powerful. The continuing dramatic expansion of imaging capabilities expands their scope of application and makes imaging methodologies increasingly integral with their scientific application.  
IBIC addresses its mission principally by the development and deployment of research resources which add value to neuroscientific projects at the UW and affiliated institutions. IBIC makes its imaging research resources available using or collaborative model or a service model.  The collaborative model is the preferred mode. 

IBIC adds value to UW neuroimaging science by provision of expertise and integration of methods and applications at several conceptual levels:

  1. Integration of acquisition (through DISC) and design/analysis (through IBIC) aspects of pilot studies.
  2. Time-integration of data acquisition channels with the I/OWA acquisition and analysis software
  3. Integration of imaging modalities and analysis approaches with the IBIC interoperable image processing environment
  4. Integration of service provision with education/development of collaborators
  5. Integration of diverse disciplines in the local brain mapping community