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IBIC Retreat 2009

2009  Summer Progress Report                                       

June 29, 3:00 - 6:30 PM

3:00 Introduction to IBIC            

            Dr. Norman Beauchamp (View slides )                   Chair, Radiology

            Dr. Thomas J Grabowski (View slides )                   Director, IBIC             

3:25   Upper/Lower Campus Collaboration: Visual System Studies

            Dr. Sheri Mizumori (View slides)                           Chair, Psychology

            Dr. Geoff Boynton  (View slides )                            Psychology

            Dr. Scott Murray    (View slides)                            Psychology


3:50  Collaborative Models

            Dr. Ken Maravilla (View slides )                             Radiology

            Dr. Ellen Schur   (View slides )                              Internal Medicine

            Keith Stegbauer  (View slides)                              Radiology                                                      

4:15  Structural Imaging                                                               

            Dr. Elizabeth Aylward (View slides )                      Seattle Children’s Research Institute

            Dr. Sherry Willis        (View slides )                       Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

            Dr. Norman Beauchamp (View slides )                    Chair, Radiology

4:40     Refreshments/Reception

5:10  Systems Imaging: Spontaneous and default network activity

            Dr. Jeffrey Ojemann      (View slides )                    Radiology

            Dr. Kurt Weaver           (View slides )                     IBIC

            Dr. Tara Madhyastha    (View slides )                     IBIC

5:35  Multimodal Imaging and Bioinformatics

            Dr. Allan Jones         (View slides )                       CSO, Allen Institute for Brain Science

            Dr. Jim Brinkley        (View slides)                        Biological Structure/Bioinformatics


6:05  Emerging Capabilities

            Dr. Edward Novotny (View slides )                           Neurology

            Dr. Steve Dager       (View slides )                           Radiology      

            Dr. Ione Fine           (View slides )                          Psychology

6:30   Closing remarks

            Dr. Grabowski                                                Director, IBIC

                    Clark Johnson , Paul R. Borghesani , Todd Richards ,Sonya MehtaTina Guan